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Oregon1000 Kilometers2007MP3
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Snarky PuppyLive at Vega2017MP3
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-S?dan synger Danmarks FugleCD
-DivaCDFrederiksgade, Aarhus
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-Electric & Acoustic Mali1994CD
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-Isn't It Romantic? - The Rodgers & Hart Songbook1996CD
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-G? ikke over sporet1997CD
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-Reich Remixed1999CD
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-Break n' Bossa - chapter 32000CD
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-Songlines presents World Music2000CD
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-En kort en lang2001CD
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-Ret Hot + Riot2002CD
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-Hôtel Costes - Best of …2004CDValentine
-P? danske l?ber2004CD
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16 HorsepowerSackcloth 'n' Ashes1995CD
16 HorsepowerLow Estate1997CD
16 HorsepowerHoarse1998CD
16 HorsepowerOlden2003CD
2000TonsRecoils of Shock and Sorrow2010CD
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A Perfect CircleeMOTIVe2004CD
A.D.D. TrioSic Bisquitus Disintegrat2000CD
ABBASuper Trouper1980CD
Abercrombie, JohnAnimato1990CD
Abercrombie, JohnFarewell1993CD
Abercrombie, JohnSpeak Of The Devil1994CD
Abercrombie, JohnCat'n'Mouse2002CD
Abercrombie, JohnEchoes2005CD
Abercrombie, JohnStructures2006CD
Abyssinia Infinite feat. GigiZion Roots2003CD
Adams, GeorgeLive at Montmartre1985CD
Adams/CamaraSoul Science2007CD
Adamson, BarryAs Above So Below1998CD
Adele252015CDGave fra Freddy
AfenginnBastard Etno2010CD
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Albana, MayaGod Bless Education2004CD
Albarn, DamonMali Music2002CD
Albarn, DamonEveryday Robots2014CD
Alden, HowardTake Your Pick1997CD
Alesini & AndreoniMarco Polo1995CD
Allman Brothers Band, TheBrothers and Sisters1973CD
Allman Brothers Band, TheMycology - An Antology1990CD
Almqvist, PeterMy Sound: Solos and Duets2001CD
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Alperin, MikhaelPrayer1991CDLoppemarked, Berlin
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Alpha Centauri20:331980CD
Alt-JAn Awesome Wave2012CD
Amadou et MariamSou Ni Til?1998CD
Amadou et MariamTje ni Mousso1999CD
Ambitious LoversEnvy1984CD
Ambitious LoversGreed1988CD
Ambitious LoversLust1991CD
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Andersen, ArildAchirana2000CD
Andersen, ArildThe Triangle2004CD
Anderson, LaurieMister Heartbreak1983CD
Anderson, LaurieHome Of The Brave1986CD
Anderson, LaurieStrange Angels1989CD
Anderson, LaurieBright Red/Tightrope1994CD
Anderson, LaurieThe Ugly One With The Jewels1995CD
Anderson, LaurieLife On A String2001CD
Anderson, LaurieHomeland2010CD
Antunes, Oliver/Lundgaard, Jesper?rstiderne2010CD
AparisDespite the fire-fighter's efforts ...1993CD
Arabian UndergroundArabian Underground1999CD
Arioli, SusieAll the WayCD
As In RebekkamariaQueen of France2008CD
Asian Dub FoundationEnemy of the Enemy2003CD
Asian Dub FoundationTank2005CD
Asmussen, SvendPrize Winners1978CD
Asmussen, SvendFit as a Fiddle1996CD
Asmussen, SvendMakin' Whoopee! … and music2009CD
Asmussen, Svend & Grappelli, StephaneTwo Of A Kind1993CDX
Asmussen, Svend / Hampton, LionelAs Time Goes By1978CDX
Atlas, NatachaYalla Chant1995CD
Atlas, NatachaDiaspora1995CD
Atlas, NatachaHalim1997CD
Atlas, NatachaGedida1999CD
Atlas, NatachaAyeshteni2001CD
Atlas, NatachaSomething Dangerous2003CD
Atlas, Natacha/Eagleton, MarkForetold in the Language of Dreams2002CD
Avi BuffaloAvi Buffalo2010CD
B-52's, TheCosmic Thing1989CD
B-52's, TheGood Stuff1992CD
B-52's, TheFunplexCD
B-52's, TheMesopotamiaCD
B-52's, ThePlay Loud1979CD
Baby WoodroseLove Comes Down2006CD
Bacs?, Krist?fPannon Blue2016CD
Baker, ChetMy Funny Valentine1952CD
Baker, ChetBallads For Two1979CDX
Baker, ChetPeace1982CD
Baker, ChetPlays Vladimir Cosma1985CD
Baker, ChetLet's Get Lost1989CD
Baker, ChetPortrait1998CDX
Baker, ChetOh, You Crazy Moon2003CD
Baker, ChetMy Funny Valentine2008CD
Baker, GingerHorses And Trees1986CD
Baker, GingerPalanquin's Pole1987CD
Baker, GingerGoing Back Home1994CD
Balke, JonSiwanCD
BalstyrkoJagten p? noget2009CD
Band MrazemBand Mrazem2000CD
Band MrazemCuts2002CD
Bang On A CanMusic For Airports1998CDX
Barbieri, RichardFlame1994CD
Barbieri/HogarthNot The Weapon But The Hand2012CD
Barcelona Duo de GuitarraCarmenCD
Barcelona Duo de GuitarraAmor BrujoCD
Barron, KennyScratch1985CD
Barron/CineluSwamp Sally1996CD
Beastie BoysHello Nasty1998CD
Beatles, TheWith The Beatles1963CD
Beatles, TheBeatles For Sale1964CD
Beatles, TheA Hard Days Night1964CD
Beatles, TheRubber Soul1965CD
Beatles, TheHelp1965CD
Beatles, TheRevolver1966CD
Beatles, TheSgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band1967CD
Beatles, TheMagical Mystery Tour1967CD
Beatles, TheWhite Album1968CD
Beatles, TheAbbey Road1969CDF?dselsdagsgave fra Jens
Beatles, TheYellow Submarine1969CD
Beatles, TheLet It Be1970CD
Beatles, The1962-19661973CD
Beatles, The1967-19701973CD
Beatles, TheLet iIt Be … Naked2003CD
Beatles, TheLove2006CD
Beatles, TheMagical Mystery Tour2009CD
BeckMellow Gold1994CD
BeckSea Change2002CD
BeckThe Information2008CD
BeckModern Guilt2008CD
BeckOne Foot in the Grave2009CD
Bel CantoBirds of Passage1990CDGave fra Lone
Bel CantoShimmering, warm and bright1992CD
Bel CantoMagic Box1996CD
Belew, AdrianYoung Lions1990CD
Belew, AdrianOp Zop Too Wan1996CD
Belew, AdrianBelewPrints1998CD
Belew, AdrianSide One2004CD
Berge, Bj?rnStringmachine2002CD
Bernstein, MarcDear Tom Harrell2001CD
Big Brother & The Holding CompanyCheap Thrills1968CD
Bikstok R?gsystemOver stok og sten2005CDX
BiosphereInsomnia - No Peace For The Wicked1997CDX
Bitran, MarianeA Place For You2003CD
Bitran, MarianeAll One2006CD
Bitran/HirabayashiGrey to Blue2008CD
Bj?rn, AtliAtlicity1987CDX
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Bj?rnstad, KetilSeafarer's Song2004CD
Bj?rnstad, KetilFloating2005CD
Bj?rnstad, KetilBefore the Light2005CD
Bj?rnstad, KetilNight Song2011CD
Bj?rnstad, KetilLa Notte2013CD
Blachmann ThomasMeets Al Agami And Remee1994CD
Black DubBlack Dub2010CD
Bley, PaulFragments1986CD
Blue BoxTime We Sign1992CDX
Blue BoxTen1994CD
Blue For TwoEarbound1994CD
Blue Foundation332001CD
Blue FoundationSweep of Days2004CD
Blue FoundationLife Of A Ghost2007CD
BlurModern Life Is Rubbish1993CD
BlurThe Great Escape1995CD
BlurThink Tank2003CD
Boa, PhillipCopperfield1988CD
Boa, PhillipHair1989CD
Boa, PhillipHispa?ola1990CD
Boa, PhillipBoa God1994CD
Boden, BrigidBoden, Brigid1996CD
Bodilsen, JesperShort Stories For Dreamers2009CD
Boel, HanneBlack Wolf1988CD
Boel, HanneSilent Violence1996CD
Boel, HanneStrangely Disturbed1998CD
Boel, HanneNeed1998CD
Boel, HanneI Think It's Going To Rain2010CD
Boine, MariGoaskinviellja/?rnebror1993CD
Boine, MariEallin1996CD
Boine, MariB?lvvoslatjna/Room Of Worship1998CD
Boine, MariRemixed2001CD
Boine, MariIdjagiedas/In The Hand Of The Night2009CDByttet Sterna Paradisea med Ole
Bollani, StefanoPiano Solo2006CD
Bollani, StefanoStone In The Water2009CD
Bollani/Bodilsen/LundMi Ritorni In Mente2004CD
Bollani/Bodilsen/LundGleda: Songs from Scandinavia2005CD
Boltro, Flavio40?2003CD
Bombay HotelBombay Hotel1989CDX
Bombay HotelFlower1993CD
Bon IverFor Emma, Forever Ago2008CD
Bona, RichardScenes From My Life1999CD
Bona, RichardReverence2001CD
Bona, RichardMunia/The Tale2003CD
Bona, RichardToto Bona Lokua2004CD
Bona, RichardBona Makes You Sweat2008CD
Bona, RichardThe Ten Shades of Blue2009CD
Booker T. & The M.G.sGreen Onions1962CD
Botti, ChrisA Thousand Kisses Deep2003CD
Bowie, DavidHeroes1977CD
Bowie, DavidLodger1979CD
Bowie, DavidLet's Dance1983CD
Bowie, DavidBlack Tie White Noise1993CD
Bowie, David1. Outside1995CD
Bowie, DavidEarthling1997CD
Bowie, DavidThe Best of David Bowie 1969/19741997CDX
Bowie, DavidHours1999CD
Bowie, DavidHeathen2002CD
Bowie, DavidReality2003CD
Bowie, DavidBlack Star2015CD
Braff, Ruby / Larkins, EllisThe Complete Duets2005CDX
Brahem, AnuarThe Astounding Eyes Of Rita2009CD
Breau, LennyFive O'Clock Bells/Mo' Breau1987CD
Brecker Bros.Collection/Volume Two1991CD
Brecker, Randy34th N Lex2003CD
Brink Man ShipWillisau2008CD
Britti, Alexit.pop1999CD
Bro, JakobSidetracked2005CD
Bro, JakobThe Stars Are All New Songs Vol. 12008CDF?dselsdagsgave
Bro, JakobBalladeering2009CD
Bro, JakobBro/Knak2013CD
Brook, MichaelHybrid1985CD
Brook, MichaelLive at the Aquarium1992CD
Brook, MichaelCobalt Blue1992CD
Brook, MichaelAlbino Alligator1997CD
Brook, Michael/Khan, Nusrat Fateh AliNight Song1996CDX
Brook, Michael/Khan, Nusrat Fateh AliStar Rise (Remixed)1997CDX
Brown, JamesThe Very Best Of1991CD
Brubeck Quartet, DaveTime Out1959CDX
Brunborg, ToreSlow Snow2015CD
Br?el, KayaThe Love List2008CD
Br?ninghaus, RainerFreigeweht1981CD
Br?nner, TillChattin with Chet2000CDX
Buchanan, JakobSome People Some Places2014CD
Buchanan, JakobRequiem2015CD
Budd, HaroldLovely Thunder1986CD
Budd, HaroldLuxa1996CD
Budd, Harold & Partridge, AndyThrough The Hill1994CD
Budd, Harold & Zazou, HectorGlyph1995CD
BuikaNi?a de Fuego2008CD
BuikaEl Ultima Trago2009CD
BuikaVivir Sin Miedo2015CD
Burton, GaryTimes Square1978CD
Burton, GaryWorks1984CD
Burton, GarySix Pack1992CD
Burton, GaryCommon Ground2011CD
Burton, Gary/Jarrett, Keith1971CD
B?low Trio, Christina vonSolitude1997CDX
B?low, Christina vonSpiller Bent Fabricius-Bjerre2004CD
Byrne, DavidLive From Austin TXCD
Byrne, DavidThe Catherine Wheel1981CD
Byrne, DavidThe Knee Plays1984CD
Byrne, DavidUh-Oh1992CD
Byrne, David1994CD
Byrne, DavidFeelings1997CD
Byrne, DavidLook Into The Eyeball2001CDLars Bos
Byrne, DavidGrown Backwards2004CD
B?rtsch, NikStoa2006CD
B?rtsch, NikHolon2008CD
BaalDo You Come With Special Features?2005CD
BaalBehind Your Echoes2008CD
CakeFashion Nugget1995CD
Cale, JohnParis 19191973CD
Cale, JohnGuts1977CD
Cale, JohnHoboSapiens2003CD
CalexicoHot Rail2000CD
CalexicoGarden Ruin2006CD
Cameron, DebbieBe With Me1996CD
Cantrell, JerryBoggy Depot1998CD
Cantrell, JerryDegradation Trip2002CD
Captain BeefheartThe Spotlight Kid/Clear Spot1972CD
Captain BeefheartClear Spot1972CD
Captain BeefheartBluejeans & Moonbeams1974CD
Catherine, PhilipI Remember You1991CD
Chapman, TracyTracy Chapman1988CD
Chawes, BenniUp Close2006CD
Cherry, NenehRaw Like Sushi1989CD
Cherry, NenehHomebrew1992CD
Cherry, NenehMan1996CD
Christensen, AndersDear Someone2009CD
Christensen, TimHoneyburst2003CD
Christoffersen Trio, JacobFacing the Sun2005CD
Christoffersen, JakobJazzxperience1999CD
CibelleAbout A Girl2005CD
CibelleThe Shine of Dried Electric Leaves2006CD
Cinelu, MinoMino Cinelu1999CD
Cinelu/Eubanks/HollandWorld Trio1995CD
Clapton, EricSlowhand1977CD
Clapton, EricUnplugged1992CDX
Clapton, EricFrom the Cradle1994CD
Clash, TheThe Essential Clash2003CD
Clausen Trio, ThomasPsalm1995CD
Clausen Trio, ThomasSol2012CD
Clausen, ThomasShe Touched Me1988CD
Clausen, Thomas/Pyysalo, SeveriTurn Out The Stars1998CDX
Climax Blues Band, ThePlays On1990CD
Cocker, JoeThe Best Of Joe Cocker1987CDX
Cocteau TwinsGarlands1982CD
Cocteau TwinsTreasure1984CD
Cocteau TwinsThe Pink Opaque1986CD
Cocteau TwinsVictorialand1986CD
Cocteau TwinsHeaven or Las Vegas1990CD
Cocteau TwinsFour-Calendar Caf?1993CD
Cocteau TwinsStars And Topsoil - a collection (1982 - 1990)2000CD
Cohen, AvishaiContinuo2005CD
Cohen, AvishaiAs Is … Live At The Blue Note2007CD
Cohen, AvishaiAfter The Big Rain2007CD
Coleman & Prime Time, OrnetteVirgin Beauty1988CD
Coleman Group, SteveMotherland Pulse1985CD
Coleman, SteveOn The Edge Of Tomorrow1986CD
Coleman, SteveLucidarium2003CD
Cope, JulianSaint Julian1987CD
Cope, JulianFloored Genius1992CD
Copeland, StewartThe Rhythmatist1985CD
Corea/FleckThe Enchantment2007CD
CortexLive In New York2016CD
Coryell, LarrySpaces1974CD
Coryell, LarryIntroducing The Eleventh House1974CD
Coryell, LarryToku Do1988CD
Coryell, LarrySpaces Revisited1997CD
Coryell, LarryInner Urge2000CD
Costello, ElvisSpike1989CD
Costello, ElvisMighty Like A Rose1991CD
Costello, ElvisThe Juliet Letters1993CD
Costello, ElvisKojak Variety1995CD
Cranberries, TheNo Need To Argue1994CD
Cranberries, TheTo The Faithful Departed1996CD
CreamDisraeli Gears1967CD
Creatures, TheBoomerang1989CD
Creatures, TheA Bestiary Of1997CD
Creatures, TheHybrids1999CD
Creatures, TheAnima Animus1999CD
Creatures, TheHai2004CD
Creedence Clearwater RevivalChronicle1976CD
Cronholm, JosefineHotel Paradise2003CD
Cronholm, JosefineSongs of the Falling Feather2010CD
Cronholm, Josefine & IbisWild Garden2001CD
Crosby, Stills & NashCrosby, Stills & Nash1969CD
Cruise, JuleeFloating Into The Night1989CD
Cure, The4:13 Dream2008CD
Dahl, Carsten / Andersen, Arild / Christensen, JonSpace Is The Place2012CD
Dahl/Andersen/HeralThe Sign2002CD
Dandy Warhols, TheWelcome to the Monkey House2003CD
Dandy Warhols, TheEarth To The Dandy Warhols2008CD
Danielsson, LarsEuropean Voices1995CD
Danielsson, LarsLibera Me2004CD
Danielsson, LarsM?lange Bleu2006CD
Danielsson, LarsTarantella2009CD
Danielsson, LarsLiberetto2012CD
DanseorkestretSt?rste hitsCD
DanseorkestretOver byen under himlen2009CD
Dara, OluIn The World1998CD
DarkTamna Voda1988CD
Davies, HelenOpen The Door Softly2000CD
Davis, MilesSketches of Spain1959CD
Davis, MilesKind of Blue1962CD
Davis, MilesA Tribute To Jack Johnson1970CD
Davis, MilesLive-Evil1971CD
Davis, MilesOn the Corner1972CD
Davis, MilesGet Up With It1974CD
Davis, MilesThe Man With The Horn1981CDLoppemarked, Berlin
Davis, MilesWe Want Miles1982CD
Davis, MilesStar People1983CD
Davis, MilesDecoy1984CD
Davis, MilesYou're Under Arrest1985CD
Davis, MilesTutu1986CD
Davis, MilesSiesta1987CD
Davis, MilesAura1989CD
Davis, MilesAmandla1989CD
Davis, MilesDoo-bop1992CD
Davis, Miles (remix)Panthalassa: the remixes1999CD
De Vito/Couturier/Lechner/RabbiaIl Pergolese2013CD
Dead Can DanceSpiritchaser1996CD
Dede, MercanSu2004CD
Deep PurpleMachine Head1972CD
DefunktAvoid The Funk . . .1988CD
DeJohnette, JackThe Elephant Sleeps But Still Remembers2006CD
Demant, Lars OleZest1991CD
Demenga, Thomas / Reber, HeinzCellorganics1981CD
Dennerlein, BarbaraStraight Ahead1989CD
Dennerlein, BarbaraHot Stuff1990CD
Dennerlein, BarbaraTake Off1995CD
Dennerlein, BarbaraJunkanoo1997CD
Dennerlein, BarbaraOuthipped1999CD
Dennerlein, BarbaraSpiritual Movement No. 32012CD
Desmond, PaulLate Lament1962CD
Di Meola, AlWorld SinfoniaCD
Di Meola, AlOrange and Blue1994CD
Di Meola, AlDi Meola plays Piazzolla1997CD
Diabate, MamadouTungaCD
Diabate, ToumaniBoulevard de L'independance2006CDX
Diallo, MoussaThe Kink?liba Project2001CDX
Diallo, MoussaChiwara2003CDX
Diallo, MoussaSpejlinger/Reflections2005CDX
Dickerson, WaltTo My Queen Revisited1978CDX
DicteBetween Any Four Walls1994CD
DicteVoodoo Vibe1996CD
DicteHouse Of The Double Axe / XX1998CD
DicteThis Is Cool2000CD
DicteGone To Texas2003CD
DidoNo Angel1999CD
DidoLife For Rent2003CD
Dieters LiederHvor flink kan man blive?1988CD
DissidentenOut of This World1989CD
DissidentenThe Jungle Book1992CD
DissidentenInstinctive Traveller1997CD
Dissing, Dissing, von Daler & DissingDissing, Dissing, von Daler & Dissing1997CD
Dissing, PovlN?gne ?jne1969CD
Dissing, PovlJeg er en tosset spillemand1969CD
Dissing, PovlOven visse vande1981CD
Dissing, PovlZoo Sange1996CD
Dissing, Povl & Andersen, BennySvantes viser1973CD
Dissing, Povl & Andersen, BennyHymner og ukrudt1992CD
Dissing, Povl/Thorup, PeterGamle sange - i live1978CD
DiverseFrom All Of Us . . .1993CDX
DiverseMusic That Inspired Buena Vista Social Club2009CDX
DiverseCome Together2009CD
Dizzy Mizz LizzyDizzy Mizz Lizzy1994CD
Doky, Chris MinhMinh1998CD
Doky, Nils LanMisty Dawn1994CDX
Doors, TheThe Doors1967CD
Doors, TheWaiting For The Sun1968CD
Doors, TheMorrison Hotel1970CD
Dr. DidgOut Of The Woods1994CD
Dr. JohnMercernary2006CD
DuffyI Love My Friends1998CD
Duffy, StephenMusic In Colors1993CDX
Duo Russo & VilenskyKattegat2016CD
DuOudWild Serenade2002CD
Duran DuranThank You1995CD
Dybdahl, ThomasOne Day You'll Dance For Me, New York City2004CD
Dybdahl, ThomasWhat's Left Is Foever2013CD
Dylan, BobDesire1975CD
D?rge, PierreThree1993CD
D?rge/Becker/CarlsenLa Luna1987CD
E.S.T.Tuesday Wonderland2006CD
EaglesHell Freezes Over1994CD
Earthworks, Bill Bruford'sAll Heaven Broke Loose1991CD
Earthworks, Bill Bruford'sStamping Ground (live)1994CD
Edge, TheCaptive1986CD
Eeg, SinneKun en dr?m2008CD
EelsElectro-shock Blues1998CD
EelsTomorrow Morning2010CD
EGBAElectronic Groove & Beat Academy1989CD
Einarsdotter, EliseSenses1993CD
Ekdahl, LisaLisa Ekdahl1994CD
Ekdahl, LisaWhen Did You Leave Heaven1995CD
Ekdahl, LisaSings Salvadore Poe2000CD
ElbowCast of Thousands2003CD
ElbowLeaders of the Free World2005CD
ElbowThe Seldom Seen Kid Live2009CD
ElbowBuild A Rocket Boys!2011CD
Electric FlagOld Glory: The Best Of Electric FlagCD
ElectronicTwisted Tendernes1999CD
Elias, ElianeAround the City2006CD
Eliovson, SteveDawn Dance1981CD
Elvstr?m Quartet, JakobLive at Copenhagen Jazzhouse1995CD
Emerald, CaroThe Shocking Miss EmeraldCD
Emerald, CaroDeleted Scenes From The Cutting Room Floor2010CD
EMFSchubert Dip1991CD
End 2.0, TheBrain Builders2008CD
End, TheMatter of Fact1991CD
End, TheGlobal Village1996CD
Endresen, SidselSo I Write1990CD
Endresen, SidselExile1994CD
Endresen, SidselOut Here. In There.2002CD
Endresen, SidselUndertow2003CD
Eno, BrianMusic For Airports1978CD
Eno, BrianAfter the Heat1978CD
Eno, BrianOn Land1982CD
Eno, BrianNerve Net1992CD
Eno, BrianThe Shutov Assembly1992CD
Eno, BrianDrawn From Life2001CD
Eno, BrianDiscreet Music2004CD
Eno, BrianBeyond Even (1992 - 2006)2007CD
Eno, BrianSmall Craft on a Milk Sea2010CD
Eno, Brian/Hyde, KarlHigh Life2016CD
Eno, Brian/LaraajiAmbient 3/Day Of Radiance1980CD
Eno/BuddThe Pearl1985CD
Eno/ByrneMy Life In The Bush Of Ghosts1981CD
Eno/ByrneMy Life In the Bush of Ghosts2006CD
Eno/CaleOne Word1991CD
Eno/HassellPossible Musics1980CD
EntranceEntrance & Live As WellCD
EntrancePalle Mikkelborg's Journey To1984CD
Erskine, PeterTransition1987CD
Erskine/L?/BenitaDream Flight2208CD
Evans, BillLive at Art D'Lugoff's Top of the Gate1968CD
Evans, BillThe Paris Concert, edition one1989CD
Evans, Bill og Hall, JimUndercurrent1962CD
Evans, TerryBlues for thought1994CD
Evora, CesariaAnthology2002CD
eX-GirlEndangered Species2004CD
Fabricius, MartinWhen Sharks Bite2008CD
Fabricius, MartinOut of the White2014CD
Fabricius, Martin / Lavender, ChrisThe Speed of Why2010CD
Fairground AttractionThe First Of A Million Kisses1988CD
Faitelson, DaliaOn Rising Spirits1997CD
Faitelson, DaliaPoint Of No Return2001CD
Faitelson, DaliaPilpel2007CD
Faitelson, Dalia/Global SoundDiamond Of The Day1999CD
Faithfull, MarianneKissin Time2002CD
FaithlessTo All New Arrivals2006CD
Farmer, ArtTo Sweden With Love1964CD
Fatboy SlimHalfway Between The Gutter And The Stars2000CD
Fatboy SlimPalookaville2004CD
Father John MistyI Love You, Honeybear2015CDGavekort fra Gassum
Faye, FrancesFrances Faye Sings & Russell Garcia Conducts2005CD
Fenger, S?sOn Holiday1992CD
Ferell, RachelleFirst Instrument1990CD
Ferry, BrianMore Than This1995CD
Ferry, BrianAs Times Goes By1999CD
FielfrazElectric Eel1992CD
Fischer, JacobJacob Fischer Trio featuring Svend Asmussen2008CD
Fischer, JacobBlues2010CD
Fisker, MarieGhost of Love2009CD
Fitzgerald, EllaEssential Ella1994CD
Fitzgerald/ArmstrongPorgy & Bess1958CD
Fleck, BelaTales From The Acoustic Planet1995CD
Flying Lizards, TheThe Flying Lizards1980CD
Fl?skkvartettenJag ger vad som helst f?r lite solsken1998CD
Forsberg, NinaFreewheelin'1996CD
Forsberg, Nina12 Rounds1998CD
Fresu / Galliano / LundgrenMare Nostrum2007CD
Fresu, PaoloScores!2003CD
Fresu, PaoloP.A.R.T.E.2005CD
Fresu, Paolo - Devil QuartetStanley Music!2007CD
Fresu, Paolo/Bonaventura, Daniele diIn Maggiore2015CD
Friesen, DavidUpon The Swing1993CD
Friesen, DavidAncient Kings1994CD
Friesen, David… three to get ready1994CD
Friesen, David / Moore, GlennReturning1995CD
Friesen, David/Zeitlin, DennyIn Concert1992CD
Fripp, RobertExposure2006CD
Frisell, BillLookout For Hope1988CD
Frisell, BillIs That You?1990CD
Frisell, BillWhere In The World?1991CD
Frisell, BillHave A Little Faith1993CD
Frisell, BillGone, just like a train1998CD
Frisell, BillThe Sweetest Punch1999CD
Frisell, BillThe Willies2002CD
Frisell, BillUnspeakable2004CD
Fryland Sekstet, ThomasSalmer og sange2004CD
Fryland, ThomasPlaying In The Breeze1995CD
Fryland, ThomasPerfume And Rain1996CD
Fryland, ThomasAnother Song2006CD
Gabriel, PeterSo1986CD
Gabriel, PeterUs1992CD
Gabriel, PeterOVO2000CD
Gabriel, PeterUp2002CD
Gabriel, PeterScratch My Back/And I'll Scratch Yours2013CD
Galasso, MichaelHigh Lines2005CD
Galliano, RichardLaurita1995CD
Galliano/PortalBlow Up1997CD
GangwayThe Twist1984CD
GangwaySitting In The Park1986CD
GangwayThe Quiet Boy Ate The Whole Cake1991CD
GangwayHappy Ever After1992CD
GangwayThat's Life1996CD
Gano, GordonHitting The Ground2002CD
GarbageVersion 2.01998CD
Garbarek, AnjaBalloon Mood1996CD
Garbarek, AnjaSmiling & Waving2001CD
Garbarek, JanDis1977CD
Garbarek, JanIt's OK to Listen to the Gray Voice1985CD
Garbarek, JanAll Those Born With Wings1987CD
Garbarek, JanLegend Of The Seven Dreams1988CD
Garbarek, JanRosensfole1989CD
Garbarek, JanI Took Up The Runes1990CD
Garbarek, JanTwelve Moons1993CD
Garbarek, JanMadar1994CD
Garbarek, JanOfficium1994CD
Garbarek, JanVisible World1996CD
Garbarek, JanIn Praise of Dreams2004CD
Garbarek, Jan/Johnsen, KjellAftenland1980CD
Garcia-Fons, RenaudArcoluzCD
Garcia-Fons, RenaudOriental Bass1997CD
Gardot, MelodyThe AbsenceCD
GarmanaHildegard von Bingen2001CD
GasolinBlack Box2003CD
Gasparyan, Djivan & Brook, MichaelBlack Rock1998CD
GenesisSelling England By The Pound1973CD
GenesisThe Lamb Lies Down On Broadway1974CD
GenesisA Trick of the Tail1975CD
Gentle GiantFree Hand1972CD
Germano, LisaSlide1998CD
Gerrard, LisaThe Mirror Pool1995CD
Gerrard, LisaWhalerider2003CD
Gerrard, Lisa & Bourke, PieterDuality1998CD
Gerrard, Lisa/Cassidy, PatrickImmortal Memory2004CD
Getz / GilbertoGetz/Gilberto1963CD
Getz, StanGetz Au Go Go1964CD
Getz, StanWhat The World Needs Now1968CD
Getz, StanLine For Lyons1983CD
Getz, StanIn Denmark 1958-591990CD
Getz, StanApasionado1990CD
Getz, Stan/Barron, KennyPeople Time1991CD
Gibbons, BethOut of Season2002CD
Goese, MimiSoak1998CD
Golden Palominosa history: vol. 1 (1982-1985)1992CD
GomezLiquid Skin1999CD
GongWingful of Eyes1986CD
GongZero to Infinity2000CD
Gonzales, DennisA Matter of Blood2009CD
Gonzales, JoseVeneer2003CD
Gonzales, JoseIn Our Nature2007CD
Gordon, DexterCome Rain Or Come Shine1967CD
GorillazDemon Days2005CD
Gotan ProjectLa Revancha del Tango2001CD
Gotan Project m.fl.Inspiracion Espiracion2004CD
Gov't MuleLife Before Insanity2000CD
Gov't MuleD?j? Voodoo2004CD
Gov't MuleBy A Thread2009CD
Gov't Mule / Scofield, JohnSco-Mule2015CDGavekort fra Gassum
Grappeli, Stephane/Pass, Joe/NH?PTivoli Gardens, Copenhagen, Denmark1980CD
Gray, MacyOn How Life Is1999CD
Green, GrantGrantstand1961CD
Green, GrantStreet Of Dreams1998CD
Groth, ChristinaPiety Street2006CD
Guaraldi, VinceOh Good Grief!1968CD
Gundersen, Inger MarieMake This Moment2006CD
Gurtu, TrilokSpellboundCD
Gurtu, TrilokLiving Magic1991CD
Gurtu, TrilokCrazy Saints1993CD
Gurtu, TrilokBelieve1994CD
Gurtu, TrilokThe Glimpse/Kathak1998CD
Gurtu, TrilokAfrican Fantasy1999CD
Gurtu, TrilokIzzat - The Remix Album2003CD
Guy, BuddySlippin' In1994CDgratis ved k?b af 3
GaaHinterThe Masters Dream2010CD
Hackett, Steve5 Classic AlbumsCD
Hagans, TimAnimation - imagination1999CD
Hagans, TimRe-animation LIVE!2000CD
Halberg Trio, CharlotteSummertime1988CD
Halle / Kjellberg / NickelsenEchidna2006CD
Haltli, FrodePassing Images2007CD
Hamasyan, Tigran/Henriksen, Arve/Aarset, Eivind/Bang, JanAtmospheres2016CD
Hamilton, ChicoThree Classic Albums2008CD
Hancock, HerbieSound System1984CD
Hancock, HerbieJazz Moods / ?Round Midnight2004CD
Hanno, YoshihiroLiquid Glass1998CD
Hanrahan, KipCoup de T?te1981CD
Hanrahan, KipExotica1992CD
Hansen, MadsGrooves2000CD
Harrell, TomStories1988CD
Harrell, TomWise Children2003CD
Harrison, GeorgeAll Things Must Pass1970CD
Harrison, GeorgeLiving in the Material World1973CD
Harrison, GeorgeBrainwashed2002CD
Harrison, JerryCasual Gods1988CD
Hart, Beth/Bonamassa, JoeDon't Explain2011CD
Harvest MoonRed Letter Days1995CD
Harvey, P.J.4-Track Demos1993CD
Harvey, P.J.To Bring You My Love1995CD
Harvey, P.J.Is This Desire?1998CD
Hassell, JonPower Spot1986CD
Hassell, JonEarthquake Island1989CD
Hassell, JonCity: Works Of Fiction1990CD
Hassell, JonDressing For Pleasure1994CD
Hassell, JonFascinoma1998CD
Hassell, JonMarifa Street2005CD
Hassell, JonLast night the moon came dropping its clothes in the street2009CD
Haynes, WarrenMan In Motion2011CD
Heading NorthHeading North2000CD
Heise, MathiasDecadence2017CD
Helmig, ThomasGroovy Day1996CD
Helmig, Thomas?rene g?r1997CD
Helmig, ThomasHerfra2006CD
Helmig, ThomasTommy Boy2009CD
Hempler, ClausCharm School for Popsingers1999CD
Hempler, ClausHempler2004CD
Henderson, CarolineCinemataztic1995CD
Henderson, CarolineMetamorphing1998CD
Henderson, CarolineNaos2002CD
Henderson, CarolineDon't Complain2003CD
Henderson, CarolineMade In Europe2004CD
Henderson, CarolineLove or Nothin'2006CD
Henderson, CarolineNr. 82008CD
Henderson, CarolineKeeper of the Flame2009CD
Hendrix, JimiAre You Experienced?1967CD
Hendrix, JimiElectric Ladyland1968CD
Hendrix, JimiAxis: Bold As Love1968CD
Hendrix, JimiRadio One1989CD
Hendrix, JimiSouth Saturn Delta1997CD
Hendrix, JimiFirst Rays of the New Rising Sun1997CD
Hendryx, NonaSkinDiver1989CD
Hendryx, NonaTransformation (the best of)1999CD
Henriksen, ArveCartography2008CD
Her Personal PainSongs From Cinema Caf?1991CD
Hesselager/Tagel/LaubInner Outing2011CD
Hiller, HolgerOben Im Eck + Ein B?ndel F?ulnis In Der Grube1986CD
Hiller, HolgerAs Is1991CD
Hiller, HolgerDemixed1996CD
Hino, MotohikoIt's There1995CD
Hirabayashi, Makiko / Agerskov, FlemmingBinocular2011CD
HiromiAnother Mind2003CD
Hjort, MagnusOld New Borrowed Blue2009CD
Hjulmand, LouisFontana Presents: Louis Hjulmand1963CD
Hjulmand, LouisExodus1992CD
Hoeijmans, TheraAnother Mile2014CD
Holanda, Hamilton deSamba do Avi?o2006CD
Holiday, BillieLady Sings The Blues1956CD
Holland, DavidLife Cycle1983CD
Holm Trio, JakobOpen2002CD
Holroyd, BobFluidity & Structure1993CD
Holts?, JesJes Holts? & Morten Witrock band2010CD
Hooker, John LeeChill Out1995CD
Hooker, John LeeThe Best Of Friends1998CD
Hortob?gyi / Kurt?g jr / LengyelfiKurt?gonals2009CD
Hot'n SpicyJourney2002CD
Hot'n SpicyFemale Intuition2009CD
Howie B Vs Casino RoyaleNot In The Face2007CD
Howie B.Turn The Dark Off1997CD
Hudson, DavidWoolunda - Ten Solos For Didgeridoo1993CD
Hug, LarsCity Slang1984CD
Hug, LarsKysser Himlen Farvel1987CD
Hug, LarsKopy1989CD
Hug, LarsBlidt Over Dig1993CD
Hug, LarsKiss & Hug From A Happy Boy1996CD
Hugo LargoDrum1988CD
Hugo LargoMettle1989CD
Humair, DanielTriple Hip Trip1979CD
Huun-Huur-TuSpirits From Tuva2002CD
Hyde, KarlEdgeland2013CD
Hyldgaard, SusiMy Female Family1996CD
Hyldgaard, SusiSomething special just for you1999CD
Hyldgaard, SusiBlush2005CD
Hyldgaard, SusiMagic Words2007CD
H?strup, FiniBoomerang1997CD
H?strup, FiniStories2000CD
H?strup, FiniSo Gentle2004CD
H?strup, FiniFollowing2008CD
Haastrup, BenitaSunrise2008CD
Ibrahim ElectricMeets Ray Anderson2004CD
Ibrahim ElectricAbsinthe2006CD
Ibrahim ElectricMeets Ray Anderson - Again2007CD
Ibrahim, AbdullahDesert Flowers1992CD
Ibrahim, AbdullahRe:brahim2004CD
IndraIn BetweenCD
IndraLive p? Ludvigslyst2013CD
Isham, MarkWe Begin1987CD
Isham, MarkBlue Sun1995CD
Isham, MarkMiles Remembered: The Silent Way Project1999CD
Isham, MarkPure2006CD
Isungset, TerjeIceman Is2002CD
Jackson, MichaelHistory1995CD
Jaga JazzistA Livingroom Hush2002CD
Jagger, MickWandering Spirit1993CD
Janovitz, BillLonesome Billy1997CD
Jansch, Bert/Jenkins, MartinAvocet (ny udgave)1978CD
Jansen & BarbieriWorlds In A Small Room1986CD
Jansen & BarbieriStories Across Borders1991CD
Jansen, SteveChanging Hands1997CD
Januario, RicardoUrban Cello2016CD
Jarrett, KeithThe K?ln Concert1975CD
Jarrett, KeithMy Song1978CD
Jarrett, KeithBook of Ways1987CD
JazzkamikazeMission I2005CD
JazzkamikazeTravelling at the Speed of Sound2007CD
Jefferson AirplaneSurrealistic Pillow1967CD
Jefferson AirplaneJOURNEY … the best of1996CD
Jefsen, JensKiss My Jazz1998CD
Jefsen, JensBeJazzled2001CD
Jeppesen, S?ren DahlRoute OneCD
Jeppesen, S?ren DahlPipe Dreams2013CD
Jethro TullStand Up1969CD
Jethro TullAqualung1971CD
Jethro TullA Passion Play1973CD
Jethro TullMinstrel in the Gallery1975CD
JogujoCircuitClose Up Magic2003CD
Johansson, Jan8 Bitar / Inner Trio1994CD
Johansson, JanFolkvisor1995CD
Johansson, Janin Hamburg2011CD
Johnson, MarcRight Brain Patrol1992CD
Johnson, MarcMagic Labyrinth1995CD
Johnson, MarcThe Sound of Summer Running1998CD
Johnson, Marc / Bass DesiresBass Desires1985CD
Johnson, Marc / Bass DesiresSecond Sight1987CD
Johnson, Marc / Longsworth, EricIf Trees Could Fly1998CD
Jones, GraceInside Story1986CD
Jones, GracePrivate Life: The Compass Point Sessions1998CD
Jones, Rickie LeeRickie Lee Jones1979CD
Jones, Rickie LeeRickie Lee Jones1979CD
Jones, Rickie LeePirates1981CD
Jones, Rickie LeeGirl At Her Volcano1983CD
Jones, Rickie LeePop Pop1991CD
Jones, Rickie LeeNaked Songs1995CD
Jones, Rickie LeeGhostyhead1997CD
Jones, Rickie LeeIt's Like This2000CD
Jones, Rickie LeeThe Evening Of My Best Day2003CD
Jones, Rickie LeeDuchess of Coolsville2005CD
Jones, Rickie LeeThe Devil You Know2012CD
Jones, TomReload1999CD
Jonsson, KristerWaiting for Atonesjka2004CD
Jordan, StanleyStandards, volume 11986CD
JoyceSlow Music2010CD
Julie MariaBeautiful Minor2004CD
J?rgensen, C.V.Tidens Tern1980CD
J?rgensen, KristianSecret Love1998CD
Kale, KarshCinema2011CD
Kante, MoryAkwaba Beach1987CD
Kante, MoryTatebola1996CD
Karn, MickBestial Cluster1993CD
Kaspers Orkester, BoP? Hotell1994CD
Kaspers Orkester, BoI centrum1998CD
Kaspers Orkester, BoHittills1999CD
Kaspersen Trio, JanMemories of Monk1994CD
Kaspersen, JanErik Satie: 3 Gymnop?dies1986CD
Kaspersen/Spang-HanssenTen By Two1987CD
Katch?, ManuIt's About Time1991CD
Katch?, ManuNeighbourhood2005CD
Katch?, ManuManu Katch?2012CD
Katsoulis, VangelisThe Exile Of Dreams2008CD
Kennedy, NigelVivaldi: The Four Seasons1989CD
KGD ProjectFind A Planet2001CD
Kills, TheKeep On Your Mean Side2003CD
Kills, TheMidnight Boom2008CD
King CrimsonDiscipline1981CD
King CrimsonSleepless: The Concise King Crimson1993CD
King CrimsonThrak1995CD
King Sunny Ad?Synchro Series2003CD
King, B.B. / Clapton, EricRiding With the King2000CD
Kirk, SnorreDrummer & Composer2017CDKoncert p? Godset
Kjellberg, Jeppe / Agerskov, FlemmingDiscoveries in Slow Motion2006CD
Klich?Okay Okay Boys1982CD
Knudsen, KennethI Me Him1989CD
Knudsen, KennethMay Be2011CD
Knudsen, NiclasHuman Beat Boxer1998CD
Knudsen, NiclasSecond Stroke1999CD
Knudsen, NiclasCoco Bongo2009CD
Koppel, AndersAftenlandet og regnbuefuglen1977CD
Koppel, ThomasMass For A Case1994CD
Kora Jazz TrioKora Jazz Trio2003CD
Kora Jazz TrioKora Jazz Trio, Part Two2005CD
Krall, DianaWhen I Look In Your Eyes1999CD
Krall, DianaChristmas Songs2005CD
Krebs, PoulForbandede vidunderlige t?s1999CD
Kristensen, KimPulse Of Time1999CD
Kristensen, Kim/Theill, Ole/AgergaardOther Species1997CD
Kristensen/Larsen/LundinErindringens Br?nd1996CD
Krog, Karin/Surman, JohnBluesandCD
Kronos QuartetMonk SuiteCD
Kruse, LineDream2009CD
KraanAndy Nogger1974CD
K's ChoiceCocoon Crash1998CD
Kwella ConceptDifferent Directions1999CD
Kwella/Venndt duoKindred Spirits2001CD
Kwella/Venndt duoRodebutikken2005CD
K?nig, KlausSongs & Solos2000CDPris verificeres
La Cour, MadsA la Cour2008CD
Labeque, KatiaUnspoken2003CD
LaikaSilver Apples Of The Moon1994CD
LaikaAlmost Sleeping (remix)1997CD
LaikaSounds of the Satellites1997CD
LaikaGood Looking Blues2000CDFinn
LaikaWherever I am I am what is missing2003CD
LambDebut Album1996CD
LambB line1999CD
LambFear Of Fours1999CD
LambWhat Sound2001CD
LambBetween Darkness And Wonder2003CD
Lande, ArtRubisa Patrol1976CD
Lang Trio, ThierryThe Blue Peach1995CD
Langer, ValdinhoFrgaments of a Journey1994CD
Lanois, DanielAcadie1989CD
Lanois, DanielFor The Beauty Of Wynona1993CD
Lanois, DanielShine2003CD
Larsen, KimV?rsgo1973CD
Laswell, BillPanthalassa - the music of Miles Davis 1969 - 19741998CD
Laswell, BillSacred System - Nagual Site1998CD
Laswell, BillHear No Evil1999CD
Laswell, BillDub Chamber 32000CD
Laswell, BillBook of Exit: Dub Chamber 42002CD
Laswell, BillFinal Oscillations2003CD
Laswell, BillAftermathematics2004CD
Laswell, Bill/Kondo, Toshinori/Bernocchi, EraldoCharged1999CD
Lavelle, CarolineSpirit1995CD
Lavelle, CarolineBrilliant Midnight2001CD
Lavelle, CarolineA Distant Bell2004CD
Laverne, AndyAother World Another Time1999CD
L? Trio, Nguy?nBakida2000CD
L? Trio, Nguy?nMillion Waves1995CD
L?, Nguy?nMaghreb & Friends1998CD
L?, Nguy?nPurple2002CD
L?, Nguy?nWalking on the Tiger's Tail2005CD
Led ZeppelinIV1971CD
Led ZeppelinLed Zeppelin II1971CD
Led ZeppelinHouses of the Holy1973CD
Led ZeppelinPhysical Graffiti1975CD
Led ZeppelinThe Song Remains The Same1976CD
Led ZeppelinRemasters1990CD
Led ZeppelinCelebration Day2007CD
Lee, S?renS?ren Lee Quartet1993CD
Lee, S?renLiving Now2001CD
Legardh, CathrineGorgeous Creature2008CD
Lennon, JohnImagine1971CD
Lennon, JohnMind Games1973CD
Lennon, JohnRock 'n' Roll1975CD
Lennon, JohnDouble Fantasy1980CD
Lennox, AnnieDiva1992CD
Lennox, AnnieMedusa1995CD
Les Negresse VertesFamille Nombreuse1991CD
Les Negresse VertesTrabendo2000CD
Les Negresse VertesLe Grand D?ballage2002CD
Lhamo, YungchenComing Home1998CD
LhasaThe Living Road2003CD
Lilac Time, The& Love For All1990CD
Lilac Time, TheAstronauts1991CD
Lindh, Bj?rn J:sonSpirits Of Europa, Opus II1985CD
Lindsay, ArtoMundo Civilizado1996CD
Lindsay, ArtoHyper Civilizado1996CD
Lindsay, ArtoO Corpo Sutil / The Subtle Body1996CD
Lindsay, ArtoNoon Chill1997CD
Lindsay, ArtoPrize1999CD
Lindsay, ArtoInvoke2002CD
Linnet, AnneKvindesind1988CD
Linnet, AnneJeg er jo lige her1988CD
Linnet/SalomonsenKrig og k?rlighed1990CD
LoisStranger In A Strange Land1998CD
Lonely UniverseLonely Universe1990CD
Lounge Lizards1981CD
Lourau, JulienGambit2000CD
Love Shop1990/911991CD
Love ShopDK1992CD
Love ShopDK1992CD
Love ShopGo!1997CD
Love ShopAnti2002CD
LoveshopDet l?se liv1999CD
Lunch, LydiaQueen of Siam1980CD
Lundgaard, Jesper / Vinding, MadsBassments2007CD
Lundin/Danemo KvartetMusic for Dancers and Dreamers1997CD
LurpakketOrmens Guld2009CDGinette & Allans fest
Mackintosh, LilsThis Is The Strangest Life I've Ever Known1994CD
MadnessThe heavy heavy hits1998CD
MadonnaRay of Light1998CD
MaliaYellow Daffodils2003CD
MaliaYoung Bones2007CD
MaliaBlack Orchid2012CD
Malta, SilvanaCravo E Canela2001CD
Man ManThe Man in a Blue Turban with a Face2004CD
Mancini, HenryThe Best Of Henry Mancini1997CD
MandingoWatto Sitta1987CD
Maniacs vs SharkiatDon't Climb The Pyramids1998CDFinn
Manzanera, PhilGuitarissimo1986CD
Marcotulli, RitaNight Caller1992CD
Maria, TanjaIn Copenhagen2005CD
Marohnic, ChuckNow Alone1992CD
Marsalis, WyntonTrumpet Star1980CDValentine
Martin, RickyThe Best Of2001CD
Marybell KatastrophyThe More2008CD
Massive AttackProtection1994CD
Massive AttackMezzanine1998CD
Massive Attack100th Window2003CD
Massive AttackHeligoland2010CD
Master Musicians of JajoukaMaster Musicians of Jajouka2000CD
MaterialMemory Serves1981CD
MaterialTemporary Music1981CD
MaterialSeven Souls1989CD
MaterialHallucination Engine1994CD
Mathiesen, LeoTake It Easy1962CD
Mazur, MarilynFuture Song1992CD
Mazur, MarilynAll The Birds - Reflecting + Adventurous2002CD
Mazur, MarilynDaylight Stories2004CD
Mazur, MarilynElixir2008CD
Mazur, MarilynTangled Temptations & The Magic Box2010CD
Mazur, Marilyn/Pulse UnitCircular Chant1994CD
Mazur, MarylinJordsange2000CD
McCartney, PaulPaul McCartney1970CD
McCartney, PaulRam1971CD
McGriff, JimmyThe Dream Team1996CD
McLaughlin, Mahavishnu JohnTo the OneCD
McLaughlin, Mahavishnu JohnMy Goals Beyond1987CD
McLean, DonAmerican Pie1980CD
Meat LoafBat Out of Hell1977CD
Medb?e / Eriksen / HalleThe Space Between2015CD
Medeski, Martin & WoodFriday Afternoon in the Universe1995CD
Medeski, Martin & WoodShack-man1996CD
Medeski, Martin & WoodFarmer's Reserve1997CD
Medeski, Martin & WoodTonic2000CD
Medeski, Martin & WoodEnd Of The World Party (Just In Case)2004CD
Medeski, Martin & WoodZaebos2008CD
Medeski, Martin & WoodRadiolarins II2009CD
Medeski, Martin & WoodRadiolarins I2009CD
Medeski, Martin & WoodLive2012CD
Medeski, Martin and WoodCombustication1998CD
Medeski, Martin and WoodLast Chance To Dance Trance (perhaps)1999CD
Medeski, Martin and WoodUninvisible2002CD
Medeski, Scofield, Martin & WoodJuice2014CD
Mellencamp, JohnMr. Happy Go lucky1996CD
Metheny Group, PatOfframp1982CD
Metheny Group, PatThe Road To You1993CD
Metheny Group, PatThe Way Up2005CD
Metheny, PatSecret Story1992CD
Metheny, PatImaginary Day1997CD
Metheny, PatOne Quiet Night2003CD
Metheny, PatDay Trip2007CD
Metheny; PatA Map of the World1999CD
Michael, GeorgeOlder1997CD
Michael, GeorgeLadies & Gentlemen - The Best of George Michael1998CD
Michael, GeorgeSongs From The Last Century1999CD
Michel, StineLad skyggerne danse2004CD
Mikkelborg / ClausenEven Closer2011CD
Mikkelborg, PalleHeart To Heart1987CD
Mikkelborg, PalleHommage1990CD
Mikkelborg, PalleAnything But Grey1992CD
Mikkelborg, PalleSoundscape1995CD
Mikkelborg, PalleThe Garden Is A Woman1996CD
Mikkelborg, PalleSong … tread lightly2000CD
Mikkelborg, PalleTo Whom It May Concern2005CD
Mikkelborg, Palle/G?bor, Jun?sz60/402004CD
Mikkonen/Jormin/KleiveKOM - LIVE2000CD
Miles, RonWoman's Day1997CD
Miles/Gurtumiles_gurtu2004CDSkylder porto til Finn (5 X Second Class)
Miller, MarcusThe Sun Don't Lie/Tales1993CD
Mind The StepMorally Topless2004CD
Mint RoyaleOn the Ropes1999CD
Mint RoyaleDancehall Places2002CD
MisenWalk up Wind2000CD
Miss B. HavenMislyde2000CD
Mitchell, JoniMingus1979CD
Mitchell, JoniWild Things Run Fast1982CD
Mitchell, JoniHits1996CD
Mitchell, JoniShine2007CD
Mo' BlowGimme The Boots2013CD
Mogensen/Knudsen/GarrisonAnders Mogensen & Niclas Knudsen featuring Matt Garrison2004CD
MolokoDo You Like My Tight Sweater?1996CD
MolokoI Am Not A Doctor1998CD
MolokoThings To Make And Do2000CD
Molv?r, Nils PetterKhmer1997CD
Molv?r, Nils PetterKhmer - The Remixes1998CD
Molv?r, Nils PetterSolid Ether2000CD
Molv?r, Nils PetterRecoloured - The Remix Album2001CD
Molv?r, Nils Petternp32002CD
Molv?r, Nils PetterStreamer2004CD
Molv?r, Nils PetterRemakes2005CD
Molv?r, Nils Petterer2005CD
Molv?r, Nils PetterRe-Vision2008CD
Molv?r, Nils PetterHamada2009CD
Monk, TheloniusRound MidnightCD
Monk, TheloniusBrilliant Corners1956CD
Monk, TheloniusSolo Monk1965CD
MonoFormica Blues1997CD
Montgomery, WesDown Here on the Ground1989CD
Mont?n, Jos? LuisSolo Guitarra2012CD
Moray, JimSweet England2003CD
MorchebaBig Calm1998CD
MorchebaFragtments of Freedom2000CD
MorcheebaThe Antidote2005CD
Morisette, AlanisJagged Little Pill1995CD
Morisette, AlanisSupposed Former Infatuation Junkie1998CD
Morisette, AlanisUnplugged1999CD
Morisette, AlanisUnder Rug Swept2002CD
Morisette, AlanisSo-Called Chaos2004CD
MorphineLike Swimming1997CD
MorphineThe Night2000CD
Motian, PaulMonk In Motian1988CD
Moulin, MarcTop Secret2001CD
Moulin, MarcEntertainment2004CD
Mouth Music11990CD
Muhl, LarsMandolina1997CD
Munch-Hansen, NicolaiChronicles2010CD
Murphy, R?is?nRuby Blue2005CD
Murphy, R?is?nOverpowered2007CD
Mursal, MaryamThe Journey1998CD
MuseOrigin of Symmetry2001CD
MuseBlack Holes and Revelations2006CD
Muthspiel, WolfgangThe Promise1990CD
Muthspiel, WolfgangLoaded, Like New1995CD
Nadeem, AidaArabtronicaCD
Nadeem, AidaOut Of Baghdad2005CD
Nadeem, AidaBeyond Destruction2010CD
Nah, Youn SunVoyage2008CD
NannaSm? Bl? Breve1984CD
N'Dour, YoussouThe Guide(Wommat)1994CD
N'Dour, YoussouJoko - From Village To Town2000CD
NeotropicLa Prochaine Fois2001CD
NephewInterkom Kom Ind2008CD
Nergaard, SiljeTell Me Where You're Going1990CD
Nergaard, SiljeUnclouded2012CD
Neset, Marius/Herskedal, DanielNeck of the Woods2012CD
Neset/DanielssonSun Blowing2016CD
Neumann, Tobias & Girdland, LudvigMusik1998CD
New Jungle Orch.China Jungle1997CD
New Jungle Orch.Dancing Cheek To Cheek2004CD
New Jungle OrchestraEven The Moon Is Dancing1985CD
New Jungle OrchestraBrikama1992CD
New Jungle OrchestraMusic from the Danish Jungle1996CD
New Jungle OrchestraGiraf1998CD
Nielsen, MichaelFulani1999CD
Nika, LeloBeyond Virtousity2000CD
Nika, LeloMoving Landscapes2007CD
Nine HorsesSnow Borne Sorrow2005CD
NirvanaIn Utero1993CD
NirvanaUnplugged In New York1994CD
Noordhoek/Clauson-Kaas DuoGames1997CD
Nooten Pieter & Brook, MichaelSleeps With The Fishes1987CD
Norby, C?cilieMy Corner of the Sky1996CD
Norby, C?cilieSlow Fruit2005CD
Norby, C?cilieSilent Ways2013CD
Norby, C?cilie / Danielsson, LarsJust the Two of Us2015CD
Nordal TwangSouth of the Border2015CD
Nordenstam, StineThis Is Stine Nordenstam2001CD
Nords? Band, MikkelGoal2000CD
Nords?, MikkelBlue Lotus2010CD
Nova, HeatherSiren1998CD
NuBoxSonic Screen2004CD
Nulle & VerdensorkestretBlame It On My Youth1996CD
Nulle & VerdensorkestretC'est Si Bon1998CD
Numan, GarySavage2017CD
Nyolo, SallyB?ti2000CD
Nyolo, SallyZa?one2002CD
N?rbo, S?renTu-Whoo-To-You2003CD
Oasis(What's the Story) Morning Glory?1995CD
OasisDig Out Your Soul2008CD
Obel, AgnesPhilharmonics2010CDAdventsgave fra Lone
Ocean FablesHavblik1992CD
O'Connor, SineadThe Lion And The Cobra1987CD
O'Connor, SineadI do not want what I haven't got1989CD
O'Connor, Sineadam I not your girl ?1992CD
O'Connor, SineadUniversal Mother1994CD
O'Connor, SineadFaith and Courage2000CD
O'Connor, SineadThrow Down Your Arms2005CD
Off Piste GurusOffpiste Gurus2010CD
Oingo BoingoBoi-ngo1987CD
Oltremare QuartetUncommon Nonsense2012CD
Orbit, WilliamStrange Cargo III1993CD
Orbit, WilliamWaveforms2006CD
Orchestra BaobabSpecialist in All Styles2002CD
OregonOut of the Woods1978CD
OregonLive at Yoshi's2002CD
Oregon1000 Kilometers2007CD
Orff, CarlCarmina Burana1990CD
Organizers, The1992CD
Organizers, TheGaslight1995CD
Orton, BethComfort of Strangers2006CD
Osgood, KrestenHammond Rens2003CD
Otter von/CostelloFor the Stars2001CD
OutlandishBread & Barrels of Water2002CD
OutlandishCloser Than Veins2005CD
P?lsd?ttir, Eiv?rKr?kan2003CD
ParadoksSamlet Set Derudaf2012CD
Pass, Joe/NH?PNorthsea Nights1980CD
PassengersOriginal Soundtracks 11995CD
Pastorius, JacoWord of Mouth1981CD
Peacock, GaryGuamba1987CD
Pearl JamYield1998CD
Pearl JamPearl Jam2006CD
Penguin Cafe OrchestraUnion Cafe1993CD
Penguin Cafe OrchestraConcert Program1995CD
People Are MachinesPeople Are Machines2007CD
Pere UbuWorlds In Collision1991CD
Petrucciani, MichelConcerts In?dits1999CD
Pettersen/HessA Word2009CD
Pferd, Das1987CD
PhronesisOrganic Warfare2007CD
Piaf, Edith?ternelle2001CD
PillowA Pillow's Tale2007CD
Pine, CourtneyJourney To The Urge Within1986CD
Pine, CourtneyUnderground1997CD
Pink FloydAtom Heart Mother1970CD
Pink FloydDark Side of the Moon1973CD
Pink FloydWish You Were Here1975CD
Pink FloydAnimals1992CD
Pink FloydThe Division Bell1994CD
PinkunoizuThe Drop2013CD
Plant, RobertNow and Zen1988CD
Plant, RobertDreamland2002CD
Plant, Robert/Krauss, AlisonRaising Sand2007CD
Pohjonen, KimmoKluster2002CD
Ponty, Jean-LucAurora1976CD
Pop, IggyBrick By Brick1990CD
Pop, IggyAmerican Ceasar1993CD
Pop, IggyNaughty Little Doggy1996CD
Portuondo, OmaraLa Colecci?n Cubana2000CD
Poulsen, HasseHippies With Money2010CD
PovoWe are Povo2005CD
PovoThe Yellow Of The Sun In You2010CD
Powell, BadenTristeza/Poema/Canto/Images On Guitar2008CD
Presley, ElvisEssential Elvis Presley1986CD
PretendersThe Singles1987CD
PretendersDon't Get Me Wrong1994CD
PretendersThe Isle of View1995CD
PrinceThe Hits 21993CD
PrinceThe Hits 11993CD
Procol HarumShine On Brightly1968CD
Procol HarumHome1970CD
Procol HarumBroken Barricades1971CD
Procol HarumGrand Hotel1973CD
Procul HarumA Salty Dog1969CD
Procul HarumIn Concert with the Edmonton1972CD
Puddle of MuddCome Clean2002CDiTunes inkl.i pris
Puddle of MuddVolume 4: Songs in the Key of Love and Hate2009CD
Quiet SunMainstream1975CD
R.E.M.The Best Of R.E.M.1991CD
R.E.M.Automatic To The People1992CD
Raconteurs, TheBroken Boy SoldiersCD
Radio TarifaRumba Argelina1996CD
Radio TarifaCruzando el Rio2000CD
RadioheadKid A2000CD
RadioheadIn Rainbows2007CD
Rain Tree CrowRain Tree Crow1991CD
Raincoats, TheMoving1993CD
Raman, SusheelaSalt Rain2001CD
Raman, SusheelaMusic for Crocodiles2005CD
Ramsb?l, MortenShort Stay2001CD
Raney, Jimmy & DougDuets1980CD
Rava, EnricoThe Pilgrim And The Stars1975CD
Rava, EnricoThe Plot1977CD
Rava, EnricoShades of Chet1999CD
Rava, EnricoHappiness Is …2002CD
Rava, Enrico/Saluzzi, Dino QuintetVolver1988CD
Ravn, KurtVi valgte de 4 ?rstider1986CD
Rea, ChrisGod's Great Banana Skin1992CD
Red Hot Chili PeppersGreatest Hits2003CD
Red Hot Chili Peppers, TheFreaky Styley1985CD
Redman, JoshuaMoodSwing1994CD
Redman, JoshuaBeyond2000CD
Redman, JoshuaElastic2002CD
Reed, LouTransformer1972CD
Reed, LouMetal Machine Music1975CD
Reed, LouConey Island Baby1976CD
Reed, LouRock'n'Roll Animal1981CD
Renbourn, JohnWill The Circle Be Unbroken?1995CD
Repertory QuartetPlays Ellington/Strayhorn1997CD
Return to ForeverWhere Have I Known You Before1974CD
Return to ForeverNo Mystery1975CD
Rhodes, LouBloom2007CD
Ribot, MarcSaintsCD
Ribot, MarcRootless Cosmopolitans1990CD
Ribot, MarcYo! I Killed Your God1999CD
Ribot, MarcSoundtracks II2003CD
Ribot, MarcAsmodeus - Book of Angels Volume 72007CD
Richey, KellyLive1998CD
Riel, AlexUnRiel!1997CD
Rimestad, HegeHvite pil1997CD
Robertson, RobbieContact From The Underworld Of Redboy1998CD
Rolling Stones, TheTheir Satanic Majesties Request1967CD
Rolling Stones, TheDirty Work1986CD
Rolling Stones, TheVoodoo Lounge1994CD
Rolling Stones, TheHot Rocks 1964-19711995CD
Rolling Stones, TheForty Licks2002CD
Rolling Stones, TheBlue & Lonesome2016CD
Rondin, MatsIsidor2001CD
Rosendal, PeterPica-Pau2010CD
Rosendal, PeterOld Man's Kitchen2012CD
Rosenthal, TedMy Funny Valentine2007CD
Rosenwinkel, KurtHeartcore2003CD
Roxy MusicAvalon1982CD
Russo, PaoloOltretango2005CD
Ryde, NielsAs Of Now1993CD
Ryde, NielsEverything I Love2004CD
Rypdal, TerjeTerje Rypdal1971CD
Rypdal, TerjeWhenever I Seem To Be Far Away1974CD
Rypdal, TerjeOdyssey1975CD
Rypdal, TerjeAfter The Rain1976CD
Rypdal, TerjeWaves1977CD
Rypdal, TerjeRypdal/Vitous/DeJohnette1979CD
Rypdal, TerjeDescendre1980CD
Rypdal, TerjeEos1983CD
Rypdal, TerjeChaser1985CD
Rypdal, TerjeBlue1987CD
Rypdal, TerjeThe Singles Collection1989CD
Rypdal, TerjeSkywards1997CD
Rypdal, TerjeVossabrygg2006CD
Rypdal,TerjeIf Mountains Could Sing1995CD
SadeLovers Rock2000CD
SalemFrom the Riverbank2005CD
Saluzzi, DinoOnce Upon a Time - Far Away in the South1986CD
Saluzzi, DinoAndina1988CD
Saluzzi, DinoResponsorium2003CD
Saluzzi, DinoSenderos2005CD
Saluzzi, DinoJuan Condori2006CD
Saluzzi, Dino/Cox, Anthony/Friedman, DavidRios1995CD
Sangare, OumouOumou2004CD
Santa CruzCruzing2005CD
SantanaThe Ultimate Collection2000CD
Savage RoseWild Child1973CD
Savage RoseD?dens Triumf1988CD
Savage RoseBlack Angel1995CD
Savage RoseTameless1998CD
Sawhney Trio, NitinLive i Musikhuset, ?rhus1994CD
Sawhney, NitinBeyond Skin1999CD
Sawhney, NitinIntroducing Nitin Sawhney1999CD
Sawhney, NitinProphesy2001CD
Sawhney, NitinHuman2003CD
Schaffer, Janne?gonblick1992CD
Schantz SegmentReturn From Exile2006CD
Schantz, MortenGodspeed2017CD
Schneider, HanneMe vs. I2012CD
School of the ArtsSchool of the Arts2007CD
Schulkovsky, RobynHastening Westward1995CD
Schulze, KlausAudentity1983CD
Scofield / AbercrombieSolar1983CD
Scofield Quartet, JohnJohn Scofield1992CD
Scofield, JohnShinola1982CD
Scofield, JohnElectric Outlet1984CD
Scofield, JohnFlat Out1989CD
Scofield, JohnMeant To Be1991CD
Scofield, JohnLiquid Fire1994CD
Scofield, JohnA Go Go1998CD
Scofield, JohnStill Warm2000CD
Scofield, JohnBump2000CD
Scofield, John?berjam2002CD
Scofield, JohnUp All Night2003CD
Scofield, JohnThis Meets That2007CD
Scofield, JohnA Moment's Peace2011CD
Scofield, John?berjam Deux2013CD
Screaming Blue MessiahsBikini Red1987CD
Screaming Blue MessiahsTotally Religious1989CD
Screaming Blue Messiahs, TheGun-Shy1986CD
Screaming Blue Messiahs, TheLive At The BBC2009CD
Screaming Headless TorsosScreaming Headless Torsos1995CD
SebastianOver havet under himlen1973CD
SebastianCirkus Fantastica1979CD
SebastianTiderne Skifter1979CD
SebastianStjerne til st?v1981CD
Secret OysterVidunderlige k?lling1975CD
Secret OysterLive in the USA 20072008CD
Seglem, KarlSpirCD
Seglem, KarlRit1993CD
Seglem, KarlFemstein2004CD
Seglem, KarlOssicles2010CD
Shades of BlueFeels Like The First Time2007CD
ShaktiNatural Elements1977CD
Shankar (med Garbarek og Mikkelborg)Vision1984CD
Shankar, AnoushkaAnoushka1998CD
Shankar, AnoushkaRise2005CD
ShiningIn the Kingdom of Kitsch You Will Be a Monster2005CD
ShirtsvilleGirls Deserve The Best1992CD
ShirtsvilleThe Great Indoors1995CD
Sievert, ChristianSambasol1994CD
Sievert, ChristianAquila1997CD
Silke og St?lImages of music1992CD
Simon & GarfunkelOld Friends1997CD
Simon, CarlyMy Romance1990CD
Simply RedMen And Women1987CD
Simply RedGreatest Hits1996CD
Sinatra, FrankThe Reprise Collection1990CD
Sinatra, FrankDuets1993CD
Sinatra, FrankDuets II1994CD
Singh, TalvinOK1998CD
Singh, TalvinHa2001CD
Singh, TalvinTogether2011CD
Siouxsie & The BansheesKaleidoscope1980CD
Siouxsie & The BansheesNocturne1983CD
Siouxsie & The BansheesThrough The Looking Glass1987CD
Siouxsie & The BansheesTwice Upon A Time/The Singles1992CD
Siouxsie & The BansheesThe Rapture1995CD
Siouxsie & The BansheesThe Seven Year Itch Live2003CD
Six By SevenThe Closer You Get2000CD
Six By SevenThe Way I Feel Today2002CD
Six By SevenArtists Cannibals Poets Thieves2005CD
Slettahjell, SolveigDomestic Songs2007CD
Sly & RobbieDrum & Bass Strip to the Bone by Howie B1999CD
Small Faces, TheOgdens' Nut Gone Flake1968CD
Smith, Dr. LonnieThe Healer2012CD
Smith, JimmyElectrifyin'CD
Smith, JimmyFourmost1990CD
Smith, Johnny/Getz, StanMoonlight in Vermont1991CD
Smith, PattiHorses1975CD
Smith, PattiEaster1978CD
Smith, PattiWave1979CD
Smith, PattiDream Of Life1988CD
Smith, PattiGone Again1996CD
Smith, PattiPeace and Noise1997CD
Smith, PattiGung Ho2000CD
Smith, PattiTrampin'2004CD
Smith, PattiTwelve2007CD
Smith, PattiBanga2012CD
Smiths, TheHatful of Hollow1984CD
SnapWorld Power1990CD
Snarky PuppyTell Your Friends2012CD
Snarky PuppyWe Like It Here2013CD
Sneaker PimpsBecoming X1996CD
Sneaker PimpsSplinter1999CD
Sneaker PimpsBloodsport2002CD
Sn?tberger, FerencIn Concert2016CD
Sobule, JillThings Here Are Different1990CD
Sobule, JillHappy Town1997CD
Sort SolDagger & Guitar1983CD
Sort SolFlow My Firetear1991CD
Sort SolGlamourpuss1993CD
Sort SolUnspoiled Monster1996CD
Sort SolSnakecharmer2001CD
Sorten MuldMark II1996CD
Sorten MuldIII2000CD
Sorten MuldJord-luft-ild-vand2002CD
Soskin, MarkFive Lands (Cinqueterre)1998CD
SouvenirsVilla Danmark1998CD
Spalding, EsparanzaJunjo2006CD
Special Venture1999CD
Spids N?genhatKommer med fred2013CD
Spin DoctorsPocket Full of Kryptonite1992CD
Spin DoctorsHere Comes The Bride1999CD
St. GermainTourist2000CD
Steen, UffeHymn To Spring1990CD
Steps Ahead1983CD
Steps AheadModern Times1984CD
Steps AheadMagnetic1986CD
Steps AheadN.Y.C.1989CD
Stern, MikeTime in Place1988CD
Stern, MikeStandards (and other songs)1992CD
Stern, MikeBetween The Lines1996CD
Stern, MikeGive And Take1997CD
Stern, MikeThese Times2004CD
Stern, MikeBig Neighborhood2009CD
Stern, MikeAll Over The Place2012CD
Stevens, CatRemember1999CD
Stief, BoChasing Dreams1993CD
Stief, Bo/One Song IIIFirst Time2001CD
Stina, MaggaAn Album2000CD
Sting... Nada Como El Sol1988CD
StingBring On The Night1990CD
StingBrand New Day2000CD
StingIf On A Winter's Night …2009CD
Stockhausen, MarcusStill Light (for Paracelsus)1996CD
Stockhausen, MarcusAlba2016CD
Strange CargoHinterland1995CD
Stray CatsBack to the Alley1990CD
Streisand, BarbraSimply Streisand1967CD
Subramaniam, Dr. L.Garland1978CD
Sudler Sextet, MonetteBrighter Days For You1993CD
Sund & Acoustic Sense, JohnNew Gems2003CD
Sund, JohnThe Open Road2011CD
Sund/Shashank/PhalgunHere And Now2011CD
Surman, JohnThe Spaces In Between2007CD
Suso, Foday MusoThe Dreamtime1988CD
Svensson Trio, Esbj?rnPlays Monk1996CD
Svensson Trio, Esbj?rnWinter In Venice1997CD
Svensson Trio, Esbj?rnFrom Gagarin's Point of View1999CD
Svensson Trio, Esbj?rnGood Morning Susie Soho2000CD
Svensson Trio, Esbj?rnStrange Place For Snow2002CD
Svensson Trio, Esbj?rnSeven days of falling2003CD
Sverrison, Sk?liSer?a2006CD
Swan LeeEnter2001CD
Swan LeeSwan Lee2004CD
Sylvian, DavidSleepwalkersCD
Sylvian, DavidAlchemy: An Index of Possibilities1983CD
Sylvian, DavidBrilliant Trees1984CD
Sylvian, DavidGone To Earth1986CD
Sylvian, DavidSecrets of the Beehive1987CD
Sylvian, DavidPlight & Premonition1988CD
Sylvian, DavidThe First Day1993CD
Sylvian, DavidGod Man1999CD
Sylvian, DavidDead Bees On A Cake1999CD
Sylvian, DavidEverything And Nothing2000CD
Sylvian, DavidManofon2009CD
Sylvian, David/Fripp, RobertDamage1993CD
Sylvian, David/Fripp, RobertDamage1994CD
Tab TwoTwo Thumbs Up2012CD
Tabla Beat ScienceLive in San Francisco at Stern Grove2002CD
Tabor, JuneAleyn1997CD
Tacuma, JamaladeenHouse of Bass - The Best of1994CD
Tagel, KasperSilent Journey2006CD
Talking HeadsMore Songs About Buildings And1978CD
Talking HeadsFear of Music1979CD
Talking HeadsRemain In Light1980CD
Talking HeadsSpeaking In Tongues1983CD
Talking HeadsLittle Creatures1985CD
Talking HeadsTrue Stories1986CD
Talking HeadsNaked1988CD
Talking HeadsSand In The Vaseline1992CD
Talking Heads12X12 Original Remixes1999CD
Taraf de Ha?douksThe Continuing Adventures of2005CDInkl. DVD
Taylor, MartinArtistry1992CD
Taylor, MartinPortraits1996CD
Taylor, MartinKiss And Tell1999CD
Taylor, MartinSolo2002CDPris inkl. 80 kr. iTunes
Taylor, Martin/Emmanuel, TommyThe Colonel & The Governor2013CD
Taylor, RobinCloze test terror1992CD
Taylor, RobinTaylor's Universe1994CD
Taylor, RobinHeart Disc1999CD
Taylor, RobinNovember2003CD
Taylor's UniversePork1996CD
Tei, TowaFuture Listening!1995CD
TeiturStay Under the Stars2006CD
TeiturLet The Dog Drive Home2010CD
Terrason, JackySmile2002CD
Thanh, HuongMangustao2000CD
That Petrol EmotionBabble1987CD
The Good, The Bad & The QueenThe Good, The Bad & The Queen2007CD
The TheSoul Mining1983CD
The TheHanky Panky1994CD
Theill, OleOle Theill1997CD
Theill, OleChange Your Mind2000CD
Thielemans, TootsEast Coast West Coast1994CD
Thigpen, EdResource / Action-re-action (Ed Thigpen in Copenhagen)2006CD
This Mortal CoilIt'll End In Tears1984CD
This Mortal CoilFiligree & Shadow1986CD
This Mortal CoilBlood1991CD
Thorup, PeterRejsen til Kina1977CD
Thybo/Stief/GruvstedtTrio Music1998CD
Tibbets, SteveNorthern Song1982CD
Tibbets, SteveA Man About A Horse2002CD
Tickell Band, The KathrynSigns1993CD
Tikaram, TanitaAncient Heart1988CD
Tobin, AmonPenetrationCD
Tobin, AmonBricolage1997CD
Tobin, AmonSupermodified2000CD
Tobin, Amon4 Ton Mantis2000CDLoppemarked, Berlin
Tobin, AmonOut From Out Where2002CD
tomchess/padmanabha, raviContinuance2008CD
Toneff, Radka & Dobrogosz, SteveFairytales1986CD
Toure, Ali FarkaRed & Green1988CD
Toure, Ali FarkaThe Source1992CD
Toure, Ali FarkaTalking Timbuktu1994CD
Toure, Ali FarkaNiaFunk?1999CD
Toure, Ali FarkaIn the Heart of the Moon2005CD
Toure/DiabateAli & Toumani2010CD
Towner, RalphSolstice1975CD
Towner, RalphBlue Sun1982CD
TransGlobal UndergroundImpossible BroadcastingCD
TransGlobal UndergroundDream of 100 Nations1994CD
TransGlobal UndergroundInternational Times1994CD
TransGlobal UndergroundPsychic Karaoke1996CD
TransGlobal UndergroundRejoice Rejoice1998CD
TransGlobal UndergroundYes Boss Food Corner2001CD
Traveling WilburysVolume One1988CD
Tribal TechIllicit1992CD
Tribal TechThick1999CD
Tribal TechRocket Science2000CD
Tribal TechX2012CD
Truffaz, ErikDawn1998CD
Truffaz, ErikThe Walk Of The Giant Turtle2003CD
Truffaz, ErikSaloua2005CD
Truffaz, ErikFace-A-Face2006CD
Truffaz, ErikArkangelsk2007CD
Truffaz, ErikParis2008CD
TundraBeneath the Surface1993CD
TV-2Fantastiske Toyota1981CD
U2Rattle And Hum1988CD
U2Achtung Baby1991CD
U2The Best Of 1980-19901998CD
UB40The Best of UB40 - Volume One1987CD
UB40The best of - volume two1995CD+ 25 kr. til fornyelse
Ulrik, Hans/Clausen, ThomasDanske Sange1998CD
Umezu, KazutokiFirst Deserter1997CD
Unmack, JensDagene l?ber som heste2009CD
Us3Hand On The Torch1993CD
Us3Broadway & 52nd1997CD
Us3An Ordinary Day In An Unusual Place2001CD
ValravnKoder p? snor2009CD
VasIn The Garden Of Souls2000CD
Vaya Con DiosThe Best Of1996CD
Vega, Suzanne99.9 F1992CD
Veirs, LauraThe Triumphs & Travails of Orphan Mae2001CD
Velvet Underground & NicoAndy Warhol1967CD
Vestbo TrioLess Talk …2012CD
Vestbo TrioWhile you were gone2015CD
Villaume, KasperHands2005CD
Vinding Trio, MadsSix Hands Three Minds One Heart2000CD
Vinding, Mads/Fischer, JacobOver The Rainbow2002CD
Violent Femmes31988CD
Violent FemmesAdd It Up1993CD
Vital TechtonesVTT22000CD
Vohrde, Jan zumHere And Now1999CD
Vreeswijk, CornelisTio Vackra Visor Och Personliga Person1968CD
Vreeswijk, CornelisBedste Sange2003CD
V?ring, Trine LiseWhen The Dust Has Settled2000CD
V?ring, Trine-LiseIn So Many Words1997CD
V?ring, Trine-LiseTrespassing2002CD
V?ring/Stenson/vinding/RielWhen I Close My Eyes1996CD
Waits, TomThe Heart of Saturday Night1974CD
Waits, TomSmall Change1976CD
Waits, TomBlue Valentine1978CD
Waits, TomSwordfishtrombone1983CD
Waits, TomRaindogs1985CD
Waits, TomBone Machine1992CD
Waits, TomMule Variations1999CD
Waits, TomOrphans2006CD
Waits, TomGlitter & Doom Live2009CD
Wakenius, UlfForever You2003CD
Wakenius, UlfNotes From the Heart2006CD
Warm GunsFirst Shot Live1979CD
Warm GunsInstant Schlager1980CD
Warm GunsItaliano Moderno1981CD
Warm GunsFollow Your Heart Or Fall1983CD
Warm GunsHey Hey Hey1983CD
Warm GunsHard Luck1990CD
Wasserfuhr Quartet, Julian & RomanRemember Chet2006CD
Watanabe, KazumiTo Chi Ka1990CD
Watanabe, KazumiGuitar Renaissance II2005CD
Weather ReportWeather Report1982CD
Weather ReportDomino Theory1984CD
Weather ReportThe Collection1990CD
Weather ReportNight Passage1991CD
Weather ReportHeavy Weather1997CD
Weber, EberhardFluid Rustle1979CD
Webster, BenBen Webster for Lovers2005CD
WeezerSay It Ain't So1995CD
Wesseltoft, BuggeNew Conception of Jazz1996CD
Wesseltoft, BuggeSharing1998CD
Wesseltoft, BuggeMoving2001CD
Wesseltoft, BuggeSamsa'ra2002CD
Westzynthius, LiseRock, You Can Fly2004CD
Westzynthius, LiseT?t p? en kold favn2012CD
Wheeler/Konitz/Holland/FrisellAngel Song1997CD
White, JackBlunderbuss2012CD
Whitfield, Mark7th Ave. Stroll1995CD
WibuteeEight Domestic Challenges2001CD
Wiehe, MichaelEn s?ng till modet2000CD
Williams, Mary LouA Grand Night For Swinging1976CD
Williams, RobbieSwing When You're Winning2001CD
Williams, RobbieGreatest Hits2004CD
Williams, RobbieReality Killed The Video Star2009CD
Wilson, CassandraNew Moon Daughter1995CD
Wilson, CassandraTraveling Miles1999CD
Wilson, CassandraComing Forth by Day2015CD
Wilson, ReubenLove Bug1969CD
Winehouse, AmyFrank2003CD
Winehouse, AmyBack To Black2007CD
Winter, JohnnyThe Best Of2002CD
Winther, JensElectrazz2012CD
Wobble, JahHeaven & Earth1995CD
Wobble, JahDeep Space1999CD
Wobble, Jah/Laswell, BillRadioaxiom2001CD
Wolfgang PressQueer1991CD
Wolfgang PressFunky Little Demons1994CD
Wollny, MichaelWeltentraum2014CD
WonderBrazzAt The Opera2003CD
Woodentops, TheWooden Foot Cops on the Highway1988CD
Wooten, VictorA Show of Hands1996CD
Wooten, VictorPalmmystery2008CD
World on a StringWorld on a String2004CD
World on a StringSecond Outlet2009CD
WovenhandBlush Music2003CD
WovenhandThe Threshingfloor2010CD
WovenhandLive at Roepaen2012CD
WovenhandRefractory Obdurate2014CD
Wright, LizzSalt2001CD
Wright, LizzDreaming Wide Awake2005CD
Wyatt, Robert… For The Ghost Within2010CD
XLLive Ballet2001CD
XTCOranges & Lemons1989CD
XTCApple Venus1999CD
XTCWasp Star2000CD
Yamashita/Laswell/SakamotoAsian Games1988CD
YesHighlights - The Very Best Of1993CD
Young GodsPlay Kurt Weill1991CD
Young GodsOnly Heaven1995CD
Young, NeilRust Never Sleeps1979CD
Young, NeilRagged Glory1990CD
Youssef, DhaferMalak1999CD
Youssef, DhaferElectric Sufi2001CD
Youssef, DhaferDigital Prophecy2003CD
Youssef, DhaferDivine Shadows2006CD
Youssef, DhaferAbu Nawas Rhapsody2013CD
Zahra, HindiHandmade2009CD
Zap MamaAdventures in Afropa 11993CD
Zap MamaSabsylma1994CD
Zap MamaSeven1997CD
Zap MamaA Ma Zone1999CD
Zap MamaAncestry in Progress2004CD
Zap MamaReCreation2009CD
Zapp ZappYou Better Believe1993CD
Zappa, FrankChunga's Revenge1970CD
Zappa, FrankApostrophe (')1974CD
Zappa, FrankSheik Yerbouti1979CD
Zappa, FrankRoxy & Elsewhere1982CD
Zappa, FrankCheap Thrills1998CD
Zawinul, JoeZawinul1971CD
Zawinul, JoeDi-a-lects1986CD
Zawinul, JoeMy People1996CD
Zawinul, JoeWorld Tour1998CD
Zawinul, JoeFaces & Places2002CD
Zazou, HectorGeographies1988CD
Zazou, HectorGeologies1990CD
Zazou, HectorSahara Blue1992CD
Zazou, HectorChansons des Mers Froides1995CD
Zazou, HectorL'Absence2003CD
Zazou, HectorStrong Currents2003CD
Zazou, HectorCorps Electriques2008CD
Zazou, Hector/Gogan, BarbaraMade On Earth1997CD
Zazou/Bikaye/CY 1Noir et Blanc1990CD
ZZ TopTejas1976CD
?renlydInd under himlen2002CD
?rsted Pedersen, Niels-HenningThe Viking1983CD
?rsted Pedersen, Niels-HenningThe Eternal Traveller1984CD
?rsted Pedersen, Niels-HenningTo a Brother1993CD
?rsted Pedersen, Niels-HenningScandinavian Wood1995CD
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Aarset, EivindDream LogicCD
Aarset, Eivind?lectronique Noire1998CD
Aarset, EivindLight Extracts2001CD
Aarset, EivindLive Extracts2010CD
B-52's, TheWhammy1983